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If you have a payroll question, you’ll find the answer here at SmartPayroll. You’ll see some answers to common questions below, but please don’t hesitate to email us on payrollangels@smartpayroll.com.au or call us on 1800 50 30 10

General payroll questions

What specific payroll services do you provide?

SmartPayroll is a full-service, start to finish, cloud based payroll provider where everything listed below is included in the low monthly fee.  Click here to see the product features. 

  • All PAYG, Super, Payroll Tax calculations done for you
  • Automatic direct deposit payment into the employees account
  • Automatic payment and filing of PAYG and Super with the ATO and SuperFund
  • Completely up to date so you are always using the correct tax tables
  • Backed up for you so you never have to worry about losing your data
  • Full selection of reports
  • Employee self service MyPay App so they can receive payslips and amend their details
  • Full Help and Support from our expert Payroll Angels

Who is SmartPayroll for?

We love helping –

  • New first time Employers, Payroll can be really scary and our Payroll Angels will hold your hand and guide you through you the process.
  • Saavy Employers who want to switch to a cloud payroll system and want the best available.
  • Our sweet spot is 1-99 employees, you are the backbone of the economy and we love helping small and medium businesses succeed. If you have over 99 employees we can help with that too from our sister company Datacom.
  • Accountants help their clients get the best payroll and payroll help solution around and also working with Accountants to grow your practices by providing payroll services to your clients as well. 

Does SmartPayroll work in all states?

Of course, Smartpayroll works all across Australia and New Zealand too so it’s perfect if you have offices in multiple states and in the land of the Lord of the Rings as well!

How does Pricing work?

Our pricing is simple, we have a $150 setup fee for up to 10 employees. For over 10 employees costs to be advised.

We know from setting up thousands of payrolls just how important it is to get it 100% right from day 1. That way you will have no payroll stress or hassles going forward.

Ongoing service fee: $25.00 per month. All prices are in AU Dollars, and are excluding GST. Normal bank fees apply.

How long does it take to run a Payroll?

WOW, I’m glad you asked, it’s really, really fast, for most it’s just 2 minutes! Because we have combined 3 steps into one, including the calculation, the banking and filing, at the press of just 1 button all 3 things happen instantly, and your payroll will be processed and your employees will be paid at midnight that day – and that folks is super cool!

Getting started with SmartPayroll

How do I sign up?

It’s easy – just click here to Get Started to take you through to the sign up form, please complete and press the send button.  We’ll help you do everything from there on.  

We’ll send you the paperwork we need completed and once you have returned the forms, we will set up your SmartPayroll and let you know when it’s ready to use.

How easy is SmartPayroll to install?

You don’t need to install SmartPayroll on your computer as it is accessible over the Internet. We will complete the set up process for you and inform you when it is ready to use. Easy as that! 

Key features and benefits

How easy is SmartPayroll to use?

Even if you have never used a computer before you will find SmartPayroll easy to use. We have designed the whole process around following the green buttons to guide you through.  The “one touch” pay means you can simply click to enter your employees’ pays then click again to process the payroll. It really is that simple. The only additional thing you may need to do is enter leave taken and we will show you how to do that.

Does the SmartPayroll system meet the Australian statutory requirements?

Yes. We have a substantial team of payroll and information technology specialists specifically to ensure SmartPayroll is always up to date with the current legislation.

What leave types are covered?

SmartPayroll handles Annual Leave, Sick Leave, Personal and Carers Leave, Long Service Leave, Unpaid Leave, Compassionate Bereavement Leave, Public Holidays, Statutory Holidays etc. In fact it keeps track of all leave types, as required by Australian legislation.

Can SmartPayroll pay and file my PAYG directly to the ATO for me?

Yes. SmartPayroll can automatically file your PAYG returns and (E-File) to the Australian Tax Office when it falls due. Just let us know if you want us to do that for you as this is a service many clients love because it gives them peace of mind that all PAYG payments have been taken care of and it smoothes out your cashflow so no more nasty surprises! 

Can SmartPayroll pay and file my Super payments directly to the SuperFunds?

Yes. SmartPayroll can automatically file your employees super payments through Click Super as part of our full payroll service offering. Great stuff! 

What banking options does SmartPayroll provide?

This is the clever part where our payroll system becomes an internet banking site and can automatically direct debit from your company’s bank account and direct credit into your employees’ bank accounts.

What Reports are provided?

There are heaps, but the favourites are :

  • Payslips
  • Direct Credit Schedule
  • Departmental Costing Report
  • Leave History Report and Leave Balance Report
  • Pay Run Report
  • Deduction Schedules
  • Benefit Schedules
  • Year End Payment Summaries
  • Payroll Tax Reports

How do I print my reports?

It’s super easy, all the reports can be downloaded and printed and then emailed if you wish.

Security and data

How secure is my payroll information?

Super secure!  We have developed SmartPayroll from the ground up with security in mind. SmartPayroll has advanced encryption and hardware and software firewalls to keep your information safe and confidential. Datacom is a leader in the development of secure systems and has also been responsible in recent years for the successful development of internet banking and similar systems for Banks and financial institutions.  So picture Fort Knox, the Pentagon, MI5 and CIA type security!

Where is my data housed?

Your master file is held on-line at secure Datacom locations through-out Australia and New Zealand. The master file is backed up throughout the day and a full copy of the master file is regularly taken and stored at another secure off site location. Back-up computer processing facilities, plus back-up network capability are all maintained by Datacom.  Phew!

Technical issues

What hardware or software do I need to use SmartPayroll?

Because this is an Internet-based application, no specialised hardware or software is required. All you need is an internet connection. 

Will SmartPayroll work on a PC, Mac, Ipad and Smartphone?

Yes, Yes, Yes and YES – you can easily run your payroll on SmartPayroll using any device. 

SmartPayroll ownership

Who owns SmartPayroll?

SmartPayroll has been designed and developed by Datacom, a very large Australian and New Zealand owned Information Technology organisation. Datacom employs over 3,500 staff and has been in operation since 1965. Phil Richards CEO and co-founder is also a Shareholder.

Help with your Payroll



Day Starting Time Ending Time Break Deduction Total
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Wednesday :   :   :   0.00
Thursday :   :   :   0.00
Friday :   :   :   0.00
Saturday :   :   :   0.00
Sunday :   :   :   0.00

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SmartPayroll to Xero

It’s easy to transfer your SmartPayroll to Xero

Payroll is an important part of running your business, and many business owners are more likely to use an accounting system such as Xero. The good news is, our payroll system can integrate into Xero. All your payroll data can be transferred into your accounting information system.

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