About Smart Payroll

We know Small to Medium businesses are the backbone of Australia’s economy; we know business is not easy and we really admire each and every business owner for taking on the risks and challenges of business every day.

SmartPayroll is about celebrating small business success. Most people go into business because success in business means freedom, more money and more time.

But success in business is not easy, business is stressful and usually means less money and less time in the beginning, and usually leads to being overwhelmed very quickly.

You are not alone!

About SmartPayroll Australia

We believe in small business success and the massive changes it can make in peoples lives all across Australia and we wanted to create a business that helped business owners just like you have a little less stress in your business each day.

If we can just help you in your business to have peace of mind around your payroll process so that you don’t have to feel stressed and worried that the ATO or fear work are going to come knocking on your door, so that you know you won’t get any fines or penalties, that you are always up to date and current with the latest tax changes and are always paid up to date cash flow wise with your PAYG, super and payroll tax and on top of one of the most stressful and complicated parts of running a business in Australia then we have done our job.

That is our mission.

To help 100,000 small and medium business employers across Australia so they never have to worry about payroll stress and hassles ever again!

Because when we do that it means a lot more small business owners across Australia are going to be one step closer to business success and freedom, with more money and more time, and that folks is really cool and we need your help to think bigger and be more successful.

About Phil Richards

Founder and Champion for Small Business

Hi there, my name is Phil and I’m really passionate about business and I believe 100% that owning a business is the way to go to improve the quality of life for you and your family and achieve the freedom and wealth you’ve always desired.

I co-founded SmartPayroll in 2004 and it’s been an absolute pleasure to help so many business owners get rid of all their payroll stress in that time.

I’m an accountant by training, a full CPA member and co-founder of www.smartbusinesscentre.co.nz.

Over a 2 year period my partner and I bought 14 accounting practices in New Zealand and I love helping other accountants think creatively, be entrepreneurs and business investors and get their heads around the fast changing accounting industry.

I’ve also been an Entrepreneur of the Year, I’ve founded 9 businesses, sold 2 and am a proud father of 2, a keen ironman competitor having completed 7 races including the 2012 World Ironman Championships in Kona, Hawaii. I’m pretty keen on a game of golf once in while and love to travel with my family.

I’m very approachable and I love to help business owners and if there is anything about business or payroll you would like to know please feel free to contact me at phil@smartpayroll.com.au and please connect with me at LinkedIn.

All the best, and remember the best is yet to come!

Datacom – Developer

Datacom is a big reliable corporate information technology company, the exact kind of company you want looking after your Payroll information and making sure it is correct, safe and secure.

Datacom provides all the payroll engine smarts and integration with banks and the ATO and superfunds. They use the latest internet encryption technology which is the same as the banks use. They provide all the cloud hosting and data centres with SmartPayroll data being securely held across a number of sites in Australia and New Zealand for maximum protection and disaster recovery ability.

Often considered in the industry as a rock solid company and a safe pair of hands. Datacom has been in existence for 49 years is approaching $1 billion in revenues and has 3,600 staff working in 23 offices across Australia, New Zealand and Asia with clients including banks, government departments, infrastructure and utilities, insurance and finance and similar organisations and the Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast 2018.