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Cool technology

We have built some clever things to make your life easier.

One Touch Pay

With Auto Pay our Super-fast online payroll functionality allows you to pay your staff in less than a minute, do all the calculations, make the payments and lodge PAYG with the ATO and Super with ClickSuper. Beat that!

Payroll on the Go

Easily process your payroll from anywhere on any device for those on the run!

Employee My Pay App

Secure employee mobile application to access and edit their own payroll details and view payslips, leave balances etc. Saving you hassle

Clever automation

Technology is supposed help you avoid Payroll stress and hassle.

Payroll reminder service

We remind you when to do your payroll because we know you’re busy.

Automatic payments

We make all the payments for you so you don’t have to worry about it.

Automatic tax returns

Automatic payment of your PAYG Tax by the due date so you never get a late lodgement penalty.

Customer-driven features

At SmartPayroll we always think about what our customers want first.

Industry-specific payroll features

When you have thousands of clients you know how best to set up each type of business and the types of reports that suit that business and industry – for Retailers, Food and Hospitality, Trades, Manufacturers, Import/Warehouse and Distribution, and Professional Services – we’ve got it covered. 

Fraud Prevention

We tell you when changes have been made to bank accounts and when salary figures are changed, just to make sure you know what’s happening in your business for early warning detection and protection.


We connect with your favourite accounting solution like XERO, MYOB, SASSU, and other popular cloud solutions like – 9 Spokes, MYHR and IDT for award interpretation and time and attendance.

Features you'd expect

But wait, there’s more, more regular features that you’ll need to use, we've got them covered!


Bonuses, commissions, expenses

Easily process one off or regular additional payments.


Automatic law updates

We update while you sleep for ultimate peace of mind.


Affordable fees

From as little as $3.50 per person per pay plus a small monthly fee.


Easy to use

It’s a simple 3-step process, just follow the green buttons.


Payroll reports

A full range of reports are available with favourites for each type of industry.



Easy CSV import function.


Job costing

For detailed labour cost analysis.


Time and attendance

Rosters and time clocks and awards (extra charge).



Information is centrally stored so there is no risk of losing your payroll records.


Accessible and no software to install

Anytime, any device, SmartPayroll is in the cloud.


Easy Employee set up

Just complete the boxes and you’re done.


Reduced paper trail

Back-ups across 3 states in Australia and 1 in New Zealand so you don’t need a hard copy.

SmartPayroll has been leading the online payroll market in New Zealand for over 10 years.

You can see our good friends from over the ditch here - Smart Payroll NZ

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Customer stories

We love helping small businesses

This is our first business and starting up we would highly recommend SmartPayroll, it has been super easy to use and they have a great support team. All their members know what to do when we need help which is great rather than being passed onto other people and waiting a long time on the phone.

- Sarah & Mike, The Coffee Club

We have been using SmartPayroll for 3-4 years now and it has made our fortnightly payroll a simple 10 minute exercise. Highly recommended and extremely user friendly.

- Aaron Burgess, The Athlete's Foot