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SmartPayroll has been designed to make payroll super easy for everyone:

We provide lots of help for 1st timers & new employers so you don’t get lost. Savvy and smart employers who want all the benefits of the best technology are in for a real treat with lots of bells and whistles.

To make SmartPayroll even more customised for your industry we have special setup templates we can give you so you get the best payroll data you could possibly want.

Finally, Accountants and Bookkeepers we have 3 great ways you can Partner with SmartPayroll and get huge benefit for your own practice and for your clients and be part of the new generation of cloud Accountants and Bookkeepers.

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1st Time and New Employers:

Payroll can be one of the most frustrating things when you start a new business or begin employing for the first time. We make it easy with our Payroll Angels ready to help you when you need it – please download your free 20 Page Guide here with all the things you need to know in simple plain bullet point language. We wish you all the best with your new venture.

Free employer guide to Payroll

The complete Australian Payroll Guide for Employers including payroll tax, terminations and redundancies.


    Savvy Employers:

    SmartPayroll is a leading Cloud Payroll Company with many technology features to make your life easier and you know if you ever need a hand our Payroll Angels are just a call away.

    Accountants and Bookkeepers


    There are three ways you can get involved:

    As an owner of a few accounting practices myself I know the industry is changing very fast right now and revenue growth is a challenge. What I set out to do was create 3 options that would really help you here and you can pick the one that you feel would best suit your needs.


       1 SmartPayroll for your Practice

      This option gives your own practice lots of benefits.

      • Free SmartPayroll for your own use in your practice
      • Free Support from our lovely Payroll Angels
      • Free promotional material
      • Free copies of the “The Complete Australian Guide to Payroll, Terminations and Redundancies”

      2 As a Partner

      This option is a shift in thinking where we help you build your practice into a cloud accounting practice with Payroll and get your practice branded on your Payroll and grow your practice fees by $15,000, $25,000 or $50,000+ per annum just by putting your clients onto your own Payroll!

      Payroll is the most sticky of all accounting software products so you really improve your chances of keeping your clients in the long term and increase the value of your practice going forward.

      Turn your practice into a true cloud practice or just simply refer it to your clients in one of our entertaining Payroll Courses.


      • Your own branded payroll system
      • Single login for all your clients
      • Daily reminder for which payrolls are due that day
      • Direct wholesale billing to Accountants / Book Keepers
      • Your dedicated Payroll Angel experts for when you need some Payroll-love
      • Charge consulting fees for Payroll training
      • Package up Payroll services as part of your offering
      • A wholesale price per payslip (please ask us about this)
      • Free Payroll Seminars and Workshops for your staff with 2 CPD hours attached and entertaining events for your clients

      3 As an Elite Partner

      This option has all the benefits of the other plus you commit to referring just 5 clients per year and we’ll work with you personally to put on client events, workshops or seminars and speak at them plus help fund them which will increase client satisfaction, engagement and overall happiness between accountant / book keeper and client which is a great strategy to grow your practice.

      • Includes everything from the partner program above
      • Agree to refer 5 or more clients pa and we will waive the sign up fee for all your clients that year
      • You’ll get a dedicated Business Development Manager to help you grow your Cloud Payroll Business or just spread the Payroll Love to your clients
      • You’ll get a marketing contribution towards your Client Events that will increase client satisfaction, engagement and overall happiness between accountant / Book keeper and client
      • You choose, either we’ll take all the Payroll stress away or choose to build a new cloud income stream in your practice, increase the value of your practice and have increased levels of client satisfaction and help your clients to smooth out their cashflow and improve their cash management and remove the massive headache of big PAYG/SUPER /PAYROLL TAX bills plus it gives you a nice lead into growing your SMSF side of your practice too.




      In the trades industry the big consideration and feature that tradies want is the ability to pay contractors which we can. Secondly, paying allowances like tool, mileage, or meals and paying apprentices are all important things we help with in our Payroll for Trades set up. Our reports also split hours by job for costing purposes.



      We have a lot of retailer clients and the big request we always get is making overtime rates calculations easy and splitting hours between various shops or locations and paying commissions and bonuses, we can do this in the Payroll for Retailers set up.



      Paying overtime and allowances are the big features that manufacturers like – this can be taken care of in the Payroll for Manufacturers set up. Reports on job costing are also useful to allocate the numbers of hours to jobs.


      Food and Hospitality:

      We love cafes and hospitality businesses, the great thing about SmartPayroll is you only pay for the people who actually work as we know you often have a lot of part timers. In our Payroll For Hospo we have set up all figured out for overtime rates, bonuses, allowances, tips etc…


      Professional Services:

      Generally the easiest of industries because everyone is on salary, we have built an Auto Pay feature that will allow you pay everyone in less than 1 Minute on a good day in our Payroll for Professionals Set up. Handy reports will show your split of labour across multiple departments.


      Importers / Wholesale and Distribution:

      The area of interest here is setting up allowances and overtime and commissions on sales plus one off payments for specific jobs like unloading a container, please ask us about this in the Payroll for Importers / Exporters and Distributors .