Payroll done online is easier, faster, and more secure. It also keeps your accountant and the ATO happier.

Doing Payroll the old fashioned way?

There isn’t much we haven’t seen with Payroll, but it always breaks our hearts when a business owner rings us up after they have lost a hard drive with all their data on it including their payroll system. In the cloud this of course never happens as we back up all your data many times per day to multiple data centres across Australia and New Zealand.

Common payroll problems

A very common problem we see is when people are using old fashioned payroll software and have not done all the updates and are actually paying their staff incorrectly.

It is easy to miss an update and over the last few years the payroll tax table rates and other tax rules like Super are changing every year without fail and if you don’t hit the update now button, or don’t pay for updates you are running a big risk.

A far less dramatic problem with payroll software is that sometimes you get stuck in traffic, your meeting is late or you get held up and you can’t make it back to the office in time – it’s pretty common actually and it means you don’t get your payroll done in time and it has to wait to the next day. This never happens with our Cloud Payroll Solution as you can do it anywhere from any device with an internet connection which gives you far more peace of mind than the old way and if all else fails just call us, we’ll gladly help you out.

Payroll online keeps the accountant happy

Save yourself money and your accountant’s time with a cleaner cloud-based payroll system.

Accountants generally have to fix up the mess that business owners make for themselves. One of the key aspects of SmartPayroll that Accountants like is the fact that you can pay all your payroll including PAYG and Super on the day.

This really helps to even out the cash flow and takes away all the worry of paying the taxes and super on the due date and worrying if you’ll have enough money then to pay it. This feature smoothes out the cashflow and Accountants really like that and it keeps the ATO off your back too!

Payroll is very complex and most Accountants are just too busy to learn all about Payroll as well, so that is why they recommend a really good payroll system to their clients that is always up to date and has a wonderful help desk so they know that whenever their clients need help we’ll be there for them.

Frequently Asked Questions on Payroll

Does the SmartPayroll system meet the Australian statutory requirements?

Yes. We have a substantial team of payroll and information technology specialists specifically to ensure SmartPayroll is always up to date with the current legislation.

Can SmartPayroll pay and file my PAYG directly to the ATO for me?

Yes. SmartPayroll can automatically file your PAYG returns and (E-File) to the Australian Tax Office when it falls due. Just let us know if you want us to do that for you as this is a service many clients love because it gives them peace of mind that all PAYG payments have been taken care of and it smoothes out your cashflow so no more nasty surprises! 

Can SmartPayroll pay and file my Super payments directly to the SuperFunds?

Yes. SmartPayroll can automatically file your employees super payments through Click Super as part of our full payroll service offering. Great stuff!