Top 7 Reasons to love Business

By | September 16, 2014

Successful Business unlocks the Wealth and Freedom You’ve always Desired


When I was in my early teens I read the rich list and noticed that most people in the list owned a business of some sort.

Not coming from a business family I asked myself where could I meet lots of business people. I figured business people played golf so I started playing golf at 13. This was my introduction to business, caddying for business people, learning about business and getting paid for it!

I studied business at University and was an Accountant for 4 years and this gave me an excellent financial grounding to become a businessman.

At 26 I started my first business, to this day it’s still the best decision I ever made.

That’s not to say it was easy, I made a lot of mistakes and inflicted a lot of pain on myself in the process. But, I always knew if I got the game of business right I would be the winner.

To win in Business Success, first you must stay in the Race!

Here is a short list of why I love business:

  1. With Risk comes bigger Rewards.
  2. You can Grow a great Team to do the work.
  3. It’s very Creative.
  4. You can make a bigger difference to more people.
  5. It’s More FUN!
  6. As you Grow Profits, you Build an Asset at the same time that you can sell.
  7. There’s more More Control and Certainty.

It’s not that easy though!

All worthwhile things require Risk, Pain and Hard work.

but the rewards are unbelievable and allow you to do whatever you want – like racing your bike through the lava fields in Hawaii – I’ve since learnt it’s not all about the Rich List !



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