How to create a “Game Changer” in your business – just make the hole bigger!

By | May 28, 2014

I read an interesting article this week about how golf is suffering from a mass exodus of players, a lack of interest from the new generations and golf courses closing down and selling up to developers.

The story on asked the question would a 38cm hole (currently it is abit over 10cm) take all the horrible bits, the frustrating bits and annoying bits out of golf and make it fun again!

The plan is to create and bring a new excitement back into the sport after the glory days of Tiger Woods were swept away with his off course antics. 

golf ball on tee

Changing the rules in business

It got me thinking wouldn’t life and business be just so easy if you could just change the rules anytime you wanted.  I live by the rules of the game and play to them both in sport and business and that is the challenge and fun of it.  In todays society where everything has to be bigger, better, faster and easier – just changing the rules is an easy way to change the playing field.

We call them game changers in the tech world and if you do it on a big enough scale you’ll probably be a billionaire like Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page and Jeff Bezos.

Technology changes the way we do everything – including processing payroll

Adopting game changing technology is a smart thing to do in business and in golf.  Titanium drivers made everyone hit the ball further and straighter, Apple changed the way we listen to music, take photos and talk to each other, which then allowed Facebook to change the way we interact, and allowed us to Google and Amazon anything on the planet!

What can you do in your business to change the rules, how can you create a game changer in your industry?  Talking with people who have no idea about your product or service is a great way to get a new perspective on things.  I love to travel and it’s always fun to compare how things are done differently in other parts of the world – maybe you need to take a business research trip somewhere?  How about just googling your industry and see what the movers and shakers are doing and where things are going.

If the trend is negative you have some serious questions to ask to yourself – are you going to fight the current, are you going to get out or are you going to make the hole bigger?


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